Privacy Policies

  1. GOTO32 stores your personal information such as Name, Email ID, Phone Number, Address and order tracking number. This information is used by our team and our associate partners. Your address is utilized to deliver the package at the right place whereas your Email-ID/Phone Number is used to update you about the order status and exclusive offers.

  2. GOTO32 team is very much peculiar about security of the site too. We ensure that it remain safe to surf, create account and shop online. But since it contains hyperlinks of third party website you might be subjected to Virus transfers, Torjan Horses, Hacking, Access and extraction of your personal data. For any of such chaos we shall not be accountable.

  3. We understand your concerns behind making online transactions. Thus to protect you from unwanted payment risks, we have equipped our website with Secure Socket Layer (SSL). By using this layer, your credit card details remain encrypted vis-a vis untraced on internet.

  4. Customers are advised to clear out the autofill options time to time. Re-filling the same information again and again might be little time consuming but it hinders the thieves to access your account from your device.

  5. To maintain the security of the Account, Customers are commended not to disclose their accounts and passwords with others. The Account holders shall be totally liable for any unwanted activities, initiating in their accounts.
  6. In case your accounts has been Logged in from any unknown resources or by any unauthorised individual without your acknowledgement, you may apprise us about such scenarios. Though we do not promise to restore all your data but do ensure you about our satisfactory and brimful efforts.

  7. Also if you receive any offensive /improper mails from our certain mails/ number do reach us on our alternative mails/numbers. There might be chances that someone might have disguised as our company’s employee.

  8. We do not allow any third person to collect your package without your consent.

  9. We take full responsibility of your order kept at our warehouse. The packages as well as the order details are kept secured with our employees.

  10. Occasionally we might display a note on our website stating that the site will be under maintenance for few hours. Customers are requested to only probe our site at these hours and not try to do any payment, as it may lead to transaction errors.