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The Owner, Admin and operant of http://www.goto32.co.uk  Website is GOTO32 enterprises .Every segment of this Website including the Logos, Graphics, Buttons, Domains , Audios & Videos, database, pages etc are exclusively reserved for GOTO32 . Hence we posses wholesome commend over its absolute data and copyright issues.

Restrictions over GOTO32 Website Data

  1. Users, Viewers and contributors are restricted to utilize the information uploaded on GOTO32 Website for knowledge enhancement only. Thus the activities are limited for reading, printing and downloading only
  2. Imitating or slightly modifying the contents/ Audios/visual etc and then utilizing them for any personal/commercial use is legally restricted by the GOTO32. Additionally the reproduction, Publication, Broadcasting, Licensing, compiling and claiming any the GOTO32 data and features is officially disallowed. We along with our licensors acquire complete authority to take actions against you in the court.
  3. Disabling, Interfering, Restricting any of the functions and features of GOTO32 is against the Online Laws . Furthermore bypassing the security by any norms including hacking, Encrypting, Peeking in Segregated Information of GOTO32 is equally offensive.


  1. GOTO32 takes full liability to return/refund all the delivered products which comes under “Cases where items can be returned” section. For more information kindly refer to Refund and Return Page.
  2. The entire database on GOTO32 website is subject to modifications with time. Therefore we advise the users to customarily visit our website and retain well-informed with the recent variations.
  3. GOTO32 Workforce is keenly proactive towards each and every content uploaded on its website. However, we still do not guarantee 100% accurateness of the uploaded data.
  4. You will be wholesomely responsible to redeem the losses caused by you to GOTO32 team. This includes harming us by any means such as Site malfunction, our employee’s harassment, reputation of the company, finance loss etc.
  5. While using GOTO32 website you might be directed to distinct web pages/sites who’s operations are conducted and administered by Third Party Possessors. On such sites we cannot restrain, eliminate or change the showcased data. Thus due to these ownership rights, GOTO32 is entirely bind handed for any Data Depiction on third party links. .
  6. Surfing through the third party links might be prone to risky, offensive, incorrect and secure less information which might lead to atrocious Situations. In such cases GOTO32 shall not be answerable for any inconvenience originated from these links.
  7. GOTO32 will not interfere in any direct dealings held outside our website and in between the service provider and the user.
  8. Due to security reasons, GOTO32 doesn’t save your passwords and account details with them. Thus, the customers are requested to keep their Login details and bank account details confidential from their end too.
  9. The delivery date of the item might be extended due to political issues, force majeure, custom clearance etc. Thus in such situations we shall be looking forward for the utmost co-operation from our precious customers.
  10. Customers who request us to hold the package at our warehouse must collect their desired item before the scheduled dates. Too much delay in package collection can lead to several inconveniences where GOTO32 might not be able to assist you .


Currency Conversion Note:

The prices of the products showcased on GOTO32 site are in GBP. However while paying us in different currency, the most up-to date currency conversion rate shall be applicable from your local currency to GBP.